Community Plan – Ad hoc Agenda
DateTimeLocationMeeting Type
Wed, Apr 5th, 20177:00 PM3852 Edenhurst Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90039 – Christ’s Church at Griffith Park Regular

Joint meeting the Environmental and Landuse Committee

1. Call to Order, Roll Call

2. Approve Minutes from CP Meetings 2/6/2 and 3/2/17 (CP), and ELU March Meeting (ELU)

3. Public Comments – public comments are welcomed, but limited to two minutes per speaker.

4. Chair Report(s)

5. Business - Community Plan & Environmental and Land Use Committees (discussion and possible action):


6. Business - Community Plan Committee (discussion and possible action):

a. Approve consultant agreement of up to $2,500 with Carrie Sutkin for community plan, land use and

consulting services for FY 2016-17 (CP)

b. CP Committee Working Group: Community survey and outreach plan (CP)

c. CP Committee Land Use Working Group: Presentation of land use options (CP)

d. Discussion of design goals (CP)

7. Business - Environmental and Land Use Committee (discussion and possible action):

a. Approve a letter to the High Speed Rail Authority and city officials requesting a hearing/presentation

on the rail crossing designs and alternatives in Atwater Village

8. Future agenda items for next committees meeting and future committees member self nominations.

9. Adjournment

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