Neighborhood Council Board Meeting Agenda
DateTimeLocationMeeting Type
Thu, May 11th, 20177:00 PM3852 Edenhurst, Atwater Village, 90039 (Christ's Church)Regular
The agenda will be posted at least 72 hours before the meeting.

1.  Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance, Roll Call, Housekeeping, Code of Civility (7:00P) (Co-Chairs)

2.  Election of South Atwater Representative (Co-Chairs)

Candidates:  Amy Allen, Melissa Chadburn, Tova Goodman, Josh Hertz, Donald Tursman

3.  Government Representatives’ Updates: State, County, City, DONE, LAPD/FD (max 5 min each)

4.  Public comments are welcomed, but limited to 2 minutes per speaker

5.  Presentation(s):  NONE

6.  AVNC Committee Reports (2 min each)

7.  Business:

a. Discussion and possible action:  Approve funding of up to $400.00 for AVNC 2018 candidate submission and the elections print media (mailers, flyers, yard signs, etc.) for candidate forum and elections. (Governance & Election)

b. Discussion and possible action:  Approve reimbursement of $14.51 to Karen Knapp for Outreach and Library Movie Expenses (K. Knapp)

c. Discussion and possible action:  Approve reimbursement of $110 to Karen Knapp for payment of Hostgator bill for AVNC website (K. Knapp)

d. Discussion and possible action:  Approve reimbursement of $35.21 to Karen Barnett for refreshments for the Rock The Boat movie (River)


e. Discussion and possible action:  Approve an expenditure of $500 for park cleanup/ gardening tools (Community Greening)

f. Discussion and possible action:  Approve $500 for the Congress of Neighborhood Councils (Outreach)

g. Discussion and possible action:  Approve the remaining budget to be swept to the outreach committee to pay for promotional items and revised materials (Outreach)

h. Discussion and possible action:  Approve letters of appreciation to Thea Mercouffer, Producer/Director of "Rock The Boat - Saving America's Wildest River", George Wolfe with L.A. River Expeditions, and Stephen Mejia-Carranza with Friends of the L.A. River for their participation in the May 6th Sustainable Film Series Screening. (Community Greening)

i. Discussion and possible action:  Approve the creation of an ad hoc Metro and High Speed Rail Committee and Nomination of a Committee Chair (River)

j Discussion and possible action:  Approve a Community Impact Statement and/or Letter of Support regarding La Kretz/North Atwater Bridge (Council File: 11-1246-S1) (River & Equine)

k. Discussion and possible action:  Amend budget to account for Board-approved expenses (Budget & Finance)

l.   Discussion and possible action: Approve the April 2017 MER (Budget & Finance)

8.   Approval of Minutes: April 13, 2017 Board of Governors Meeting

9.   Nomination of Board Members to AVNC Committees with open seats, if any

10.  Nomination of Interested Stakeholders to AVNC Committees

11.  Officers’ Reports: Co-Chairs, Treasurer, Secretary

12.  Representative Reports: Alliance of River Communities (K. Barnett, K. Knapp) Animal Services (C. Morris), Budget Advocates (R. Martinez), Film Liaison (D. Kerns), Homelessness Liaison (M. Waggoner), Liaison(s) to Office of Community Outreach for Councilmember Herb Wesson - Marijuana Regulatory Framework (M. Leiaghat), LA Neighborhood Council Coalition (J. Bradley), Neighborhood Council for Sustainability Alliance (K. Knapp), Purposeful Aging Liaison (J. Ciulik)

13.  Appointments/Nominations for Representatives:  DWP MOU

14.  Board Member Comments - Comments on subject matter within Board’s jurisdiction (2 min each)

15.  Future Agenda Items for Meeting on Thursday, June 8, 2017:

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