Neighborhood Council Board Meeting Agenda
DateTimeLocationMeeting Type
Thu, Sep 14th, 20177:00 PM3852 Edenhurst, Atwater Village, 90039 (Christ's Church)Regular

1. Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance, Roll Call, Housekeeping, Code of Civility (7:00P) (Co-Chairs)

2. Government Representatives’ Updates: State, County, City, DONE, LAPD/FD (max 5 min each)

3. Public comments are welcomed, but limited to 2 minutes per speaker

4. Election of North Atwater Representative (Co-Chairs)

5. Presentation(s):

a. LAHSA Homeless Count results for Atwater Village (10 min)

b. Safe Sidewalk LA (15 min)

6. AVNC Committee Reports (2 min each)

7. Business:

a. Discussion and possible action: Proposed resolution and/or Community Impact Statement

in support of City City Council motion to analyze and establish setbacks for oil or gas well

drilling from residential uses, phase-out with amortization period of same nonconforming

uses and establishment of an administrative process to extend amortization (CF 17-0447)

(K. Knapp)

b. Discussion and possible action: Approve expense not to exceed $100 for copies of keys to

AVNC storage unit. (M. Weil)

c. Discussion and possible action: Approve a resolution and/or letter of support for the City to

divest investments with Wells Fargo (Governmental Relations)

d. Discussion and possible action: Approve a letter concerning the citywide cat program

(Governmental Relations)

e. Discussion and possible action: Approve up to $5000 for a neighborhood purposes grant to

Friends of Glenfeliz Elementary to support the Tree Lighting Event (C. Morris)

f. Discussion and possible action: Letter in support of city council ban on polystyrene take-out

containers (River)

g. Discussion and possible action: Approve expense not to exceed $100 for paper, printing

and other materials/supplies for outreach (K. Knapp)

h. Discussion and possible action: Approve the August 2017 MER (Budget & Finance)

i. Discussion and possible action: Approve an amendment to the AVNC budget for current

expenses (Budget & Finance)

8. Approval of Minutes: August 10, 2017 Board of Governors Meeting

9. Nomination of Board Members to AVNC Committees with open seats, if any

10. Nomination of Interested Stakeholders to AVNC Committees

11. Officers’ Reports: Co-Chairs, Treasurer, Secretary

12. Representative Reports: Alliance of River Communities (K. Barnett, K. Knapp), Animal Services

(C. Morris), Budget Advocates (R. Martinez), Film Liaison (D. Kerns), Homelessness Liaison (M.

Waggoner), Cannabis (Representative), LA Neighborhood Council Coalition (J. Bradley/T.

Deitlin), Neighborhood Council for Sustainability Alliance (K. Knapp), Purposeful Aging Liaison (J.


13. Appointments/Nominations for Representatives: DWP MOU, BONC Representative

14. Board Member Comments - Comments on subject matter within Board’s jurisdiction (2 min each)

15. Future Agenda Items for Meeting on Thursday, October 12, 2017

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